'Starfun Games' was started in September 2020 by Harindu Fonseka at the age of 14 as a hobby when he learn game development. when it was founded its first name was Harindulk Games and Harindu changed its name to Starfun Games in August 2022. we released our first game Ghost Zone in 2021 March for Android and PC. then we released our second game Bug Star in 2021 November and it got the attention of a live-streamer from Australia, she live-streamed it on Twitch. after that, we got some attention from gamers. we make games for Android and PC and we are planning to make games for consoles in the future.


the answer to 'why we started our company?' is when we are starting our company, Sri Lanka had less than 5 video game development companies, and their games were not popular among other countries. and Sri Lanka is still new to the video game development industry. so we need to break that.